Taking the pressure off!!!

Over the years, I realized we put a lot of different pressures on us. The pressure to perform everything we DO well, pressure to be ON at all times, pressure to LOOK a certain way and more. After awhile, we start to get bogged down by all the weight of these pressures.

Think about your childhood. If yours was like mine, all you had to worry about was if your friend could come out to play. You didn't worry about what you were wearing because anything you picked out was spot on. You didn't worry about lunch because it would be ready for you. You didn't worry about bills because that was handled too. You were ready to just live life.

Sometimes we have to get back into that space. Wear something you love without judgement. If you are concerned about certain areas of your body being shown, use fashion pieces to your advantage. There are patterned tops and certain cuts of clothing that can hide our imperfections. At the end of the day, be you!!! Do what makes you happy!!!

Don't worry about always having to do well. To let you in on a secret, writing this blog has pressures because I want to make sure it resonates with you. But, I realized that as long as I'm authentic, it will land with the people who needs to see this. You have the tools to perform well, and guess what ... if you don't, you will learn!

Finally, don't allow culture and/or social expectations add pressure on you. Have a plan, stick to it, execute it! Give yourself grace! And set goals. Don't get so caught up that you don't celebrate yourself. Take time for you like you did when you was little. You will find that you are more productive that way.

So what are you waiting for??? Shake off those pressures today and start living again!!!

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