Fashion and Health, do they mix?

People often say that when you step into a room, people judge you by the way you look. Your look can give insight to you as an individual. It can share your interests before you even speak.

I think that it's important to add fashion, in a pandemic has defiantly changed the way we look at fashion. Many women including myself took "time off" from being "on" all the time. We took advantage of not wearing make up ... not getting our hair or nails done ... and joggers and sweatsuits became our best friend.

For me, this time allowed me to see the true importance of fashion. It was never to "put on" for anyone or myself. It wasn't about making a statement to others, but actually for our own health mentally and physically.

I was able to refocus on what fashion meant for me. It meant if I look good, I will automatically feel good. Being a breast cancer survivor, I remember how fashion made me feel when I was fighting for my life. Wearing wigs and wearing nail polish to cover my dark nail beds made me feel normal when everything wasn't normal at the time.

As the pandemic continued on, I got that spark to be fashionable again. I see women who have limited places to go that will still buy clothes, cosmetics, press on nails if they can't make it to the shop, and rely on YouTube to do their hair or invest in wigs.

In short, fashion doesn't stop because we know it helps bring a sense of joy in our lives. It helps makes us feel normal. There is nothing wrong being natural or using a product such as a wig to make you feel beautiful. That depends on the person on what it takes to get there.

I personally love to do both. Before cancer, I would normally wear natural hair styles without weave or wig units, didn't wear lashes, didn't have my nails done as much but only on special occasion. Now I love wearing lashes, wearing my hair natural or by wearing a wig. I even love to wear makeup.

Creating different looks simply uplifts my mood. I would venture to say that it does for you too. When you have a date night and when you get ready, what do you do? You look at yourself in the mirror and say, "I still got it!"

Pandemic or not, be good to yourself! Wear pieces that bring out your personality, that shows the best of you!

Until next time,


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