Do you see what I see???

Ever heard of the phase, beauty is in the eye of the beholder? I truly believe that. Even when it comes to how we view ourselves. We can be our own worst critic. "I am too fat", "I'm not pretty enough," "I'm not smart enough!" Those are some of the things we can tell ourselves. What's worst about it is that we believe it! Especially, if someone has told us any of those things before.

Who grows up hating one self? As a child, we don't say "I'm stupid!" Someone either made us feel that way, told us that we were, or we COMPARED ourselves to others to come to that conclusion. Even looking at magazines, television shows, etc can feed the growth of self pity.

Well, I'm here to help SHATTER the glass ceiling that has been drowning you with all that negativity. I speak from experience!!! Being a breast cancer survivor I've been there and sometimes still battle with my appearance. Losing my hair, a portion of my breast, the gain and loss of weight can really mess with ones mental state. I've felt that I I had to keep up with an image ... to belong.

What cancer did help me see was the REAL me. A strong, courageous woman who was fighting for my life to live, so that I may live to tell my story on how I made it! Once I dug deep and remembered who I am, beauty followed. When I had no hair, I became more comfortable with showing off my bald head around my family. I chose how I wanted to present myself to the world BY MY STANDARDS.

You may say Kim, I've lost both breasts due to cancer, I have a fat stomach, I have acne ... how can I fall in love with myself again??? Easy ... use fashion to your advantage.

Here are some tips:

- Feel like you have small breasts, uneven breast, or no breast, wear a jacket over your top. Have fun with accessories. Chunkier jewelry takes away the attention from that issue.

- Feel like you have a stomach, don't wear form fitting tops. The top should still show off your figure but doesn't have to show a bulge. High-low tops are a great top for this. Even material such as polyester is amazing to help create the look you are looking for.

- You lost hair on your head and face ... wear makeup and wigs. Don't let anyone tell you it don't take all of that. YOU control how you want to present yourself. I am an advocate of making sure you look and feel good about yourself. Wearing make-up doesn't mean you will alter your face to another person, it means you are enhancing the beauty that's already there. Wearing a wig is like wearing accessories. It gives multiple looks.

Style yourself to what you want people to see! if you need help, I'm here!!!

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