Beat up on yourself much???

When someone gets into a fight, the person who lost we use the phase "that person got beat up." That means that person was beat up physically and even mentally. That means the opponent won. That means to walk around in shame because everyone saw your defeat.

Here is an important question ... why do we beat ourselves up verbally? I am FIRST to admit I've done this several times!!! I've belittled my worth, my value, my purpose. I've watered down my gifts and what I have to offer. I've WAITED for others to RECOGNIZE me when I should have been doing it myself.

Do you wait for others to congratulate you before you think you are worthy of whatever you are trying to accomplish? Why do we put so much faith into others? Yes it can provide some insight but do they truly know your heart of hearts? Even if you still need some fine tuning in what ever area you are trying to accomplish, doesn't mean you should belittle yourself.

One approach that I personally talk to speak words of life into my being. For some, it may feel UNCOMFORTABLE because you have become COMFORTABLE downing yourself. You deserve to speak words of life to you. This world and culture will make you the most insecure person there is. From weight, education, experience, and more, the pressure comes from all angles.

Another approach I take is to remind myself where I come from. Most of us pride ourselves from where we grew up. Have you ever heard, "Yeah, I'm from the Mitten State (Michigan)" or "Yeah I'm from the Bronx (Brooklyn, New York)!" It's like a badge of honor. It's like the city has to be thankful that you're from there. Think of Gary, Indiana. Michael Jackson and his family put that state of the map by bringing attention to it because that's where they are from. Well I'm a child of God. And because I come from Him, I know my worth and I have to talk to myself like I come from Him. If you wonder what that is ... it's Royalty!

So what are you going to do to stop beating yourself up?

Recognize that you are doing it!

Seek why you are doing it!

Replace that negative word or words to something positive!

Continue to say it UNTIL you believe it!

Operate in your authority to concur what you set to do!

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