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Products that speak to your soul

Every company has a story and ours is no different.  What began as a basement idea, has now impacted a community. 


After a bout with chemotherapy, we understand how important it is to have healthy products.  Not just physical and emotional, but spiritual too. 

Our CEO, a Michigan native, battled stage 3 breast cancer and realized there is a need to have healthy products.  Being a creative, she decided to formulate products that would be beneficial to health conscious individuals including cancer survivors.

Kimberly's cancer journey began at the age of 34.  She's here to share that cancer can show up before 40 and she advocates for all people to see about their health when something is off.  Without having breast cancer run in her family and not carrying the BRCA gene, it made her understand that having cancer was bigger than her... it was to help others. 

Having cancer can create several hardships. One of them can be depression.  Trying to peel out of bed, have a career, and being a parent can take its toll.  Kimberly still had to take her three kids to school while caring for her one-year old.  she tried to still be desirable for her husband.  She even had to try keeping up with 16 rounds of chemo, 6 weeks of radiation and 4 surgeries.  aside from her battle, Kimberly had to deal with her parents getting cancer the SAME time as her and not making it like she did … Talk about a MAD truck gunning the pedal to the metal and really mow you down.  All she could do was try to keep everything together.

Kimberly knew she had to think positive to overcome cancer.  She understood that it was more than physical; it was mental too.  She relied on positive affirmations, support from her family and friends, and her faith in God to get her through.  That inspired Kimberly to create products, write books, and style cancer survivors to give back her knowledge battling the ugly disease.

Simply put, Four Nine Rose, a brand off of the boutique 49Rose, is dedicated to providing healthy products without compromising the luxury feel.  

Let us help create a safe ambience by saturating your senses!

- Kimberly Willis (CEO) 

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